Welcome to RCCG Strong Tower, Allentown, PA.

Empowering men and women to discover, develop, and maximize their God-given potentials.

Located in the city of Allentown right in the heart of the Lehigh Pennsylvania. We are a non-denominational church community built on the gospel of Jesus Christ: a message that speaks to the whole of humanity and to the whole man, Spirit, Soul and Body. Seeking God with passion and serving men and women with compassion, our worship though contemporary is in spirit and in truth. We share the same heritage of Holiness, Love, Peace, Joy and Excellence (through the power of the Holy Spirit) with the Redeemed Christian Church of God world wide. Through us and in us, God is doing something new, something fresh and something powerful; it will turn your life around. - See more ...

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2015 Mother's Day Celebrations

Join the women of RCCG Strong Tower Sanctuary on Saturday 9th of May and on Sunday 10th of May, 2015 for this Year Mother's day celebration. Click on the flyer for details...continue...

Event | 04-22-2015 17:03:50

The Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God

The sixth piece of armor Paul mentions in Ephesians 6 is "the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God." How does a Roman soldier's sword help us understand how to use the Bible to win our spiritual battles? Come and join us on Saturday, 10pm....continue...

Bible Study | 02-25-2015 05:07:38

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

"Love your neighbor as yourself" is a very radical command. What I mean by "radical" is this: it cuts to the root of our sinfulness and exposes it and, by God's grace, severs it. Date Saturday, 10pm....continue...

Bible Study | 02-25-2015 04:52:21

Choir urgent meeting

The choir members will be meeting on saturday this week, their have been an urgent call because of the new guest that will be coming to the church this sunday. A new song have been proposed, so it is expected of the choirs to come together and practice it. voice tones will be shared among the choir ...continue...

Event | 02-19-2015 18:11:43

Holy Ghost service

Next sunday is going to be our holy ghost service, the church will be welcoming a guest preacher from redeem christian church of God, Texas. Don't miss out, because our guest speaker will shower us with miracles, deliverance and prosperity. Don't fail to invite a friend for a double portion of bless...continue...

News | 2015-02-19 18:01:43

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Weekly Service Schedule

 * Sunday School - 10:00AM - 10:30AM
* Worship Service - 10:30AM :12:00PM
* Bible Study (Wednesday  over the phone - Conference number: +1-712-775-7035, login code: 945594#)  8:00PM - 9:00PM
* Holy Ghost Service/Last Sunday/ 9:30 - 10:30AM
* Thanksgiving Service/1st Sunday/ 10AM - 12PM
* Communion Service/2nd Sunday/ 10AM - 12PM
* Night Vigil/1st Friday/ 12:00AM - 2:00AM                 

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Beautiful photos taken in the church, during anniversary, dedications, conferences, seminars and other celebration ceremonies. Join this happy families at Strong Tower Sanctuary, PA, to be part of wonderful celebrations that our Lord Jesus Christ have made possible in our lifes and yours...
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